Generic Details about Dried Pomegranates

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Pomegranate is equipped with a lot of qualities. It is excellent in taste and is very rich in vitamin. It can be eaten and used fresh as well as dried.

The dried seeds of pomegranate are quite widely used. Each fruit has numerous seeds inside it. The seeds are alienated from the flesh of the fruit and then are dried for about 10 to 15 days. This is then used as a sourness agent while preparing “chutney” and “curry”. Its’ another form, “Groundanardana” assists in a deepening the flavor of the dishes and works as a spice. These particularly do not get stuck in teeth. It will mostly be found in the cuisine of India and Pakistan. The seeds of feral variety of pomegranate most commonly known as “daru” from the Himalayas are considered to be quality source for spice of this kind.

Pomegranate is a sour fruit and its seeds are enclosed in a lucid, watery jacket which is called aril. Dried arils are obtainable from the specialty food Indian markets. After being dried as well, they contain seed in them and also the aril water residual. This nature gives it natural sweetness and tartness in taste. There are number of culinary applications where these dried arils can be used. Some of the examples of these uses are in granola bars. trail mix, for topping purposes in yogurt, ice-cream and salad. These arils can be covered in chocolate adds to the flavor of desserts and many baked items.

There are several benefits of dried pomegranates. The dried skins of pomegranate, mixed with cloes and water to form a juice, provide relief in Diarrhea, Stomach Spasm, mucus, dysentery or colitis. Dried skin of pomegranate, when taken with water regularly helps in removing bad breath and cough. It also provides relief in bleeding piles.

Apart from the above uses, the whole dried pomegranate is also used to form garlands and wreath. It is also used along with the floral display. Its’ vibrant color makes the decoration attractive and also gives an ethnic look in the ceremony.

All in all, there are great benefits and uses of dried pomegranates in different forms.

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