Enriched Dried Pomegranate

By: Dried Pomegranates Filed Under: General Information Posted: January 8, 2013

The luscious fruit Pomegranate is native to the region of Armenia , Persia named as Iraq nowadays and the western Himalayan range.   But now it is cultivated throughout the world. Because of being little more expensive than other fruits, it is also called’ the royalty or classy’ fruit. It is a super fruit loaded with abundant vitamins and nuanced juice encased in ruby like seed-pods carry a plenty of flavor.

The Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, K and 6 . It also contains potassium , minerals and copper. They are also used in many medicinal uses like cancer prevention, diabetes, infant brain injury, sunburn, weight loss, wrinkles, common cold, hemodialysis for kidney diseases and also boosts the immunity system. The regular small intake of pomegranate in any form will naturally prevent dental plaque.

The pomegranate seeds in the dry form are also known as ‘anardana’ in Indian kitchen and it is also used as a spice in Indian and Persian cuisines. It is used as a souring agent in many recipes. ‘Anardana’ is capable of enriching a sauce and for profound results, it is slowly cooked with chicken and enhances its taste. The dried pomegranate seeds can be stored for many months and they can be used in powdered form also. In Indian chutneys and curries, the seeds are coarsely ground and used well and it also adds distinct flavor to the dishes.

The culinary use of dried pomegranate also includes its usage in garnishing dishes. They can be infused with other dry fruits like nuts, apples and pine cones for decoration. It also acts as a substitute for raisins in a cake. They can be used in fruit salads, desserts and vegetable dishes. It  also acts as preservative and thickening agent. Considerably, the dried pomegranate seeds have more shelf life than the fresh ones.

This ancient fruit is easily available in any Indian grocery store and then further be used for various purposes. If used wisely, they can enhance the quality and the appearance of the food .So, the dried pomegranate is not only healthy with its medicinal properties but it is the pride of any kitchen where spices are given importance.

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